Personalized Military Gift - Military Plaque, Patriotic Decor, Air Force Plaque, Armed Forces Sign, USMC Gift, Soldier Creed, Army Gifts

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Personalized Military Gift - Military Plaque, Patriotic Decor, Air Force Plaque, Armed Forces Sign, USMC Gift, Soldier Creed, Army Gifts

A great way to honor a veteran or someone serving in the US armed forces, the creed is an oath they take very seriously so this patriotic military plaque is the perfect gift to show how much it is valued.

Each branch of service has a different creed and we have a sign for each one of them. Anyone serving will tell you that they live, breathe and work by these words. Creeds set the tone of life in each service and these plaques serve as a great reminder.

Offered in (2) sizes! See sizing specs below.


♥ handmade from top grade premium white pine lumber

♥ creed for all military branches

♥ can be personalized with Rank and Name

♥ aged golden oak wood military plaque

♥ rustic vintage look

♥ distressed flag and boots

♥ laser engraved to reveal wood grain

♥ handcrafted in the USA

♥ protected with high-quality varnish

♥ will last a lifetime

♥ ready to hang with saw tooth hanger installed

° Please note: due to the natural quality of wood, each plaque may vary slightly and show different variances in grain and distress markings.


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Small- 9.25”L x 6.5”W x .75”D

Large- 13.5"L x 9.25"W x .75"D

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W H Y ∙ C H O O S E ∙ U S

--Actual Customer Feedback--

♥♥♥ Of all the things I order off Etsy this is the first I have ordered another one as soon as I received it! Great quality and was delivered so fast. Overall very happy with experience! Jenna- Annapolis, MD

♥♥♥ Omg. Overwhelmed with tears. Thank you so much. Theresa- Indianapolis, IN

♥♥♥ Absolutely outstanding craftsmanship. My husband and I are both Police Officers and I contacted the owners inquiring if we could both put on our names and DSN’s. Owners responded immediately and was more than cooperative and accommodating. Linsey- Hartford, IL

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W H Y ∙ Y O U ∙ W I L L ∙ L O V E ∙ I T

♥ It will be in the recipients life forever

♥ They'll cherish it and be reminded of you for years to come

♥ Their name is laser engraved into the can actually FEEL IT!

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A N O T H E R ∙ A W E S O M E ∙ I T E M

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